Evgenii Andriu has been tattooing for 5 years now. Coming from Russia he was tattooing in St. Petersburg until he arrived in New York April 2016 and has found his home here in Brooklyn. His style is a blend of crisp yet fluid line work and pointillism with a wash and color. Creative and imaginative he can work with any concept for a beautiful custom tattoo.

check his IG: evgeny_jd


Bruno Levy inspired mostly by western classic tattoo imagery from the late 1800s-1950s, Bruno Levy learned to tattoo in Kathmandu, Nepal. His tattoos are simple and straight forward. Using only black ink, Bruno creates tattoos that feel nostalgic and provoke a sense of the romantic.  Tattooing without the aid of a machine or electricity, he meticulously pushes ink into the skin one dot at a time. This technique often referred to as hand poking dates back to the earliest forms of tattooing before the invention of the electric tattoo machine in 1891. Although much slower than the electric machine, hand poking renders a more organic final result and an experience that some seek after for its ties to a rich cultural history

check his IG: brunolevytattoo

Baud Nach is a French tattoo artist who turned his passion for tattooing into a career when discovering the numerous possibilities and openness in styles the New York scene had to offer. He focuses his style on black cross-etching scientific illustrations with a strong inspiration of European Renaissance art. 
Before tattooing full-time, he travelled the world as a photojournalist working mainly for the United Nations but also for several organisations such as Doctors Without Borders and similar non-profits.

check his IG: baudnach

Andres Bello has a background in graphic design. He has been tattooing professionally for 8 years in several cities of Colombia where he was born. He arrived in New York in 2016 and has been a resident tattoo artist in the shop ever since.
His style is versatile, ranging from Neotraditional to Black work and DotWork.

check his IG: abctattoo


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Guest Artist Travel Days

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