Nadia Andriu coming soon 

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Evgenii Andriu has been tattooing for 5 years now. Coming from Russia he was tattooing in St. Petersburg until he arrived in New York April 2016 and has found his home here in Brooklyn. His style is a blend of crisp yet fluid line work and pointillism with a wash and color. Creative and imaginative he can work with any concept for a beautiful custom tattoo.

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Mira Mariah is an ex fashion designer that tattoos as wearables. Mira has been tattooing since 2014 after a formal apprenticeship in Brooklyn. Focusing on femme imagery and animals (faces, the female form, snakes, ornamental leaves, florals). A lot of work is abstracted connected line-work, but some is illustrative mixed with


Though many tattoos have been black ink only, Mira hopes to focus and experiment on color in 2018.

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Simon Velez started tattooing in Colombia in 1999, and practiced different styles and techniques about 9 years. In 2008, He travelled to Brazil where he met tattooers that were into the American traditional style. That marked a change in his career and he got interested in the importance of tattoo history and also gave a twist to his style. Simon travelled to several different countries after that and has been living permanently in New York since 2011. He focuses on studying traditional American and Japanese tattoos to refine his style and technique to make every tattoo, in any style, durable and solid. 

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Jack Poohvis Jack's passion for drawing comes through in each of his designs, where he combines geometric shapes with creative and unique designs, customized for each client.  His background is in graphic design, architecture, and art, and he received his bachelor's degree in industrial design at Rangsit university in Thailand. He has experience as a designer, photographer, DJ, bartender, bar owner, and even hosted a TV show in Thailand, before he moved to New York City in 2009. He fell in love with tattooing and started tattooing ever since 2014. 

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Andres Bello has a background in graphic design. He has been tattooing professionally for 8 years in several cities of Colombia where he was born. He arrived in New York in 2016 and has been a resident tattoo artist in the shop ever since. His style is versatile, ranging from Neo traditional to Black work and DotWork.

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Brian Steffey Bio is coming soon

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Alfonso Ramirez has a background in illustration and graphic design. He has been tattooing for 10 years. Born and raised in Venezuela. He arrived in New York in 2015.

His style is versatile, including thin line tattoos, traditional, Black work and Dot work.

Check his IG: aramtattoos

Other Artist's bio and portfolios are in progress. Please check their Instagrams here. 

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