Nadia Andriu coming soon 

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Evgenii Andriu has been tattooing for 5 years now. Coming from Russia he was tattooing in St. Petersburg until he arrived in New York April 2016 and has found his home here in Brooklyn. His style is a blend of crisp yet fluid line work and pointillism with a wash and color. Creative and imaginative he can work with any concept for a beautiful custom tattoo.

check his IG: evgeny_jd


Mira Mariah coming soon

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Simon Velez coming soon

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Jack Poohvis coming soon

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Andres Bello has a background in graphic design. He has been tattooing professionally for 8 years in several cities of Colombia where he was born. He arrived in New York in 2016 and has been a resident tattoo artist in the shop ever since.
His style is versatile, ranging from Neotraditional to Black work and DotWork.

check his IG: abctattoo